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The Dominican University Ibadan, Nigeria is the first university the Order of Preachers on the African continent. Popularly called the Dominican Order, the Order of Preachers was founded by Spanish priest Dominic de Guzman in 1216 with the approval of Pope Innocent III.  In her more than 800 years of existence, the Order has been actively involved in university education around the world. The Dominican University in Ibadan was established on the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Order.

Illustrious Dominicans, such as the scientist and philosopher Albert the Great, and his student, the philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas, were towering intellectuals in pioneering universities of Europe in Paris, Bologna, Oxford and Cologne.

In 1951, with a mandate from the Holy See during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII…


  • Friendship
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Diligence






Envisioned to provide high quality education in the humanities, management, science and technology, the Dominican University is unflinching in her commitment to form a new generation of leaders at the service of Nigeria and the global community, leaders who will use the multiple competence acquired in this University to work for their own good by serving the common good.


The mission of the University is to assist Nigeria to achieve the greatness her potential warrants by bringing together peoples of ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, into an academic community conducive to research, teaching and learning, to become a driving force for solidarity and authentic development of a new humanity.



The Dominican philosophy of education which the University espouses is rooted in the conviction that authentic development is centred on the human person and is the outcome of artistic, technical and ethical competence, research and teaching that bring together valid achievements of the past and the best accomplishments of the present, and recourse to traditional African values that point to ways of overcoming contemporary challenges.

The Dominican University Ibadan Centre for Entrepreneurial, Professional, Research and Development (CEPRED) is a world-class research, human, and enterprise development centre, jointly owned by the Dominican University Ibadan and the International Centre for Research and Enterprise Development (ICRED), UK. It aims to:

  • Revolutionise global higher education, wealth creation, and training, using advanced multidisciplinary research and enterprise development know-how.


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