About Research Office

Research is a key component of any institution. It enhances the profile and image of the institution; and forms its basis for effective teaching, responding to changing needs of the society.

The office of Research of DU known as Research Management Office, holistically supports research advancement at DU, across all disciplines, in line with the vision and mission of the university. The research management office provides relevant leadership, guidance and research support services, facilitating translational, real-world research initiatives and partnerships with external bodies and stakeholders.

The office was established due to the need of the Dominican University to embark on real world translational research that increases its visibility and global image. As a citadel of learning per excellence, the institution prides itself in the quality of research and learning the Dominicans (Order of Preachers) are known for, over eight hundred years of their existence, geared towards meeting the needs of the society. Hence, the aim of Research Management Office, through the Director of Research, is to assist the Vice-Chancellor, to realize the dreams of the institution, through innovation, partnership and collaborations with centers of excellence across the globe, as well as, creatively explore in most sustainable ways, how to increase the institution's ability to generate revenue for developmental projects.

The office provides services and recognition programs that supports staff and students research by facilitating discipline-specific and interdisciplinary  research collaborations. The office oversees issues bordering on:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Research Ethics and Quality
  • Staff Fellowships
  • Research Centers of Excellence and Institutes
  • Staff Research Abroad Program

Major responsibilities of the research office at DU include but not limited to:

  1. Designing and providing the framework for research policies; recommendations and approval of research grants;
  2. Oversee in-flow of research funds, disbursement and accountability by grantees;
  3. Facilitating partnership and collaborations with international organizations through linkages and exchange programmes;
  4. Initiative innovative and developmental programs that support academic activities and community service;
  5. Actively participate in fund generation for the university by ways of grants, endowments, fellowships, aids etc;
  6. Coordinate institutional activities on use of animals for research, care and disposal, as well as biosafety rules and adherence;
  7. Networking with relevant agencies including governmental, non-governmental and private-sector organisations including industries, financial institutions and for research programs, collaboration and funding;
  8. Carry out other assignments as may be directed by the Vice-Chancellor