Welcome Address by the DEAN

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities, Management & Social Sciences at Dominican University, Ibadan!.
The Faculty is emerging from the background of the following. Today nation states are not self-sufficient and impermeable entities, especially in the economic terrain as all states now must cooperate economically (either in search of raw-materials, resources, new markets and new technologies) for their domestic economic survival. Nonetheless, the structure of the international system suggests that every state even in its cooperative mould tends to pursue primarily its own interest and to maintain its survival and that of its citizens.
For the international community to move forward it must affirm that the planet earth is a common heritage for all global citizens and whatever catastrophic event that happens to it will correspondently affect not only humanity but all its constituent parts. Therefore, international community can no longer indulge in the game of passing blame by one party to another for the climate change and environmental degradation for instance. Rather the international community should unanimously address credibly and creatively the challenges of symbiotic relationships of national interest ideology, issue of putting human beings at the heart of political and socio-economic activities of global world and the project of low carbon society within the context of international law. In addition, it may be affirmed that every citizen must embrace attitudinal change towards the common good of the planet given to humanity. Without good governance locally and globally this may not be promoted.
A starting point may begin with education which starts with a critique of the ‘myths’ of the contemporary world grounded in a utilitarian mindset of individualism, unlimited progress, competition, consumerism, the unregulated market to the advantage of the poor countries, ‘we’ as opposed to ‘them’ and technology without ethics. In addition, trending secularity ideology and faith praxis of the west where there seems not to have any ultimate standard of value judgement; every value is relative (ideology of relativism) must be radically interrogated
The objectives of the Dominican University are to
  • provide a university of international standards for learning, research, acquisition of specialized skills and comprehensive training of students empowering them to foster the practical application of knowledge and skill to the benefit of humanity;
  • establish an institution of higher learning which shall provide access to quality university education for qualified candidates, in order to produce internationally suitable graduates, through outstanding and innovative programmes of disciplines;
  • provide an environment of international benchmark for learning, research, acquisition of skills and comprehensive training of students empowering them to apply knowledge and skills to the benefit of the society;
  • develop students character through a curriculum that respects the value of every student and promotes national integration and harmonization of the nation’s ethnic and religious diversity
  • enhance the competence in university education through specialized, flexible and innovative academic and professional programmes leading to the award of first degree, higher degrees and postgraduate research with emphasis on technical, managerial and professional skill acquisition;
  • encourage and promote the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex, political conviction, or physical disability the opportunity of acquiring university education;
  • undertake other activities, appropriate for teaching, research and community service as expected of a university of high standard.
Accordingly, the Faculty is to train the next generation of leaders who will have a broad understanding of local and international issues and challenges and global politics. Also it is to build up an individual to become a critical thinker, a problem solver and to enable him to utilize critical thinking skills to finding solutions to challenges of life. Furthermore, it is to develop the culture and civilization of the land where it finds itself.
Every Programme in the Faculty has its Student Handbook. The Handbook is meant to provide the students with the necessary guide and support to navigate their academic journey in the Faculty. The Handbook is a quick reference to the history of the University, details of the programme as well as the various courses that are offered and their description for each semester. The handbook also provides essential information regarding the general regulations on examination and behavioural conduct expected of staff and students. The students will be delighted to find the various prizes and awards in the Department for excellent performances.
Finally, the Faculty has an obligation to make the stay and study of its students as smooth as possible. The students should not hesitate to speak with their academic advisers, mentors and counsellors whenever the need arises. The office of the Head of the Department is always open if any student has need for any kind of consultation in his/her department. Similarly, students can also consult the Dean of Students’ Affairs should there be a need. The Faculty is a family; let every member make his/her contribution and establish his/her legacy. You are welcome to the Faculty.

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!. Rev.Fr. Prof.Dokun Oyeshola O.P
Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Management & Social Sciences
Dominican University, Ibadan