The Dominican University Ibadan, Nigeria is owned by the Order of Preachers, popularly called the Dominican Order. Founded by Spanish priest Dominic de Guzman in 1216, the Order of Preachers has more than 800 years of active involvement in university education around the world.

Illustrious members of the Order such as the scientist Albert the Great, and his student, Thomas Aquinas were intellectually towering figures in pioneering universities in Europe in Paris, Bologna, Oxford and Cologne.

Licensed on November 22, 2016, the Dominican University Ibadan is the first Dominican university on the African continent. The University grew out the Dominican Institute, which was an affiliate school of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s premier university.

For more than two decades, the Institute run a philosophy degree programme, fully accredited by the National Universities Commission. With its impressive track record, its excellent facilities and immense human resources, the University can boast of having emerged from a position of strength.