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Dominican University Establishes Centre for Entrepreneurial and Professional Development
2019, Apr 15

The Dominican University Ibadan, on April 15, 2019, in conjunction with United Kingdom based African Higher Education and Research Observatory, and the International Centre for Research and Enterprise Development, has established a Centre for Entrepreneurial and Professional Development.

At a brief ceremony in the Senate Chamber of the University, the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Professor Anthony Akinwale, O. P., stated the objectives of the Centre.  These include:  bridging the gap between theory and practice by providing opportunities for a wide variety of professionals, low, middle and high-level technocrats to continuously improve on their previously acquired competence; assisting the University in addressing immediate concerns in different spheres of human endeavor such as education, economy, politics, religion, family and social issues, thus providing the latitude to help the nation in capacity building and renewal in all spheres of national development.

The Centre shall pursue its objectives through research, conferences, seminars, workshops, technical assistance, individualized or group consultancy services.   It shall be linked to and shall serve current and future degree programmes in the University by assisting the University in designing such future degree programmes. 

Welcoming the Director of the Centre, Dr. Patrick Ezepue to the University, the Vice Chancellor described him as a man coming with a very rich resume, an impressively vast experience, and an infectious enthusiasm.  Dr. Ezepue will have as his deputy Rev. Fr Nicholas Okeke, O. P.  of the University’s Faculty of Science.   


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