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What's the fuse about Drug Abuse?
2019, Apr 04

The maiden event on What is the Fuss about Drug Abuse? was held on Friday 5th April, 2019. at the Tom and Carolyn Walker Hall, Dominican University Ibadan. The guest speaker for this event was Mrs. Chinenye Umeche, a Clinical Pharmacist, at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Center Yaba, Lagos state. Mrs. Umeche is an internationally Certified Addiction Professional with years of working experiences.

She began her lecture by defining what drug use is all about. According to her, drug use refers to here, is the use of illegal substances; that is psychoactive substances. This also includes the use of drugs like; Tramador, codin, and opient for non-medical reasons. She averred that using these substances over stimulate the brain, thereby making the individual to uncontrollable depend on the use of this substance. And these psychoactive substances are agents that work directly on the brain thereby affecting the brain, its structure, and its function. With the use of these substances, these persons are faced with a lot of problems such as; dropping out of school, workplace and rejecting family and children. This is to show the magnitude of this problem in our society today.

She went further to give some statistics about drug use/ abuse in Nigeria. She presented that about 10.6 million persons used cannabis in the past year, (Data showing from January 2018) that is, one in every seven people, age between 15-64 years. She offered reasons why people attempt psychoactive substances which include boredom, to boost concentration, the sheer reason for trying out new things among many others. The relationship between poverty and drug abuse was equally examined.

Lastly, Mrs. Umeche uses the forum to encourage and advise the youth to say no to inappropriate use of drugs; for Psychoactive drugs do more damage than good to the human brain. She equally charged students of the Dominican University and Institute to always visit the Guidance and counselling unit since the university has one.


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