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2nd Matriculation Of The Dominican University Ibadan
2019, Jan 24

The second matriculation of the Dominican University was held on Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 at the Tom and Carolyn Walker Hall. The event was graced with the attendance by dignitaries, secondary school pupils, families and friends of the matriculants. The event began at 11 am with the national anthem, the university anthem, and then opening prayer led by Rev. Fr. Dr. Benjamin Kwaghgba, OP. The matriculation was declared open by the Vice-Chancellor Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Akinwale, OP. In his matriculation address; he harped on the theme of integral education, which includes self discipline, hard work and commitment to studies.

Following the Vice-Chancellor’s address, was the matriculation lecture which was delivered by Professor Chris Ogbechie, a guest lecturer from the Pan African University Lagos Nigeria. His speech centered on integral Educational system; That a failing society usually starts with a failing education system. He went further to give statistics of lack of formal education, and explain that the rate of unemployment is as a result of a failing education system; for it is only an integrally educated mind that will harness opportunities and utilize them. He also spoke about change in outdated system, thus we should imbibe creativity, discipline and intelligence for a good education system. More so, the Nigeria education system is failing due to her insistence on the outdate methods. He outlined some key factors shaping the world of work they are; technological disruption, data analysis, diversity, globalization and sustainability.

An integral education, he said includes on approach to education from biological, neurological, societal, cultural, psychological, and spiritual fields of study. With this a new breed of leaders will emerge, who can create value out of chaos. Although a long term project, it can be achieved through integral education. Since education is the going beyond ‘knowing to do’ (technical knowhow, hard skills) to more importantly, education for ‘knowledge to be’ (be well rounded individual ready to contribute to the society). That is what the Dominican University offers to matriculants and the society at large. That Dominican University is a place of learning where transformation takes place. Transformation, in this case, is a process whereby an existing being, can change its status to become a recognized integral being.

After the lecture, it was time for the taking of oaths, by matriculation led by the registrar, Rev. Fr. Kenneth Nkadi, OP with the matriculating student raise their hands in unison to take the oath.

The ceremony came to an end with a closing prayer led by Rev. Fr. Nathaniel Eshikena, OP. The Vice-ChancellorRev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Akinwale, OP then declared the ceremony closed at 12:40 pm.


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