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Dominican University Celebrates Her First Matriculation
2018, Feb 20

Dominican University Celebrates Her First Matriculation

The premier matriculation of the Dominican University took place on the 18th of February, 2018 at the Carolyn Walker Hall. One can think of it as a ceremony of pioneers. The procession had the principal officers including the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, University Bursar, Librarian, Dean of College of Humanities and Management Sciences, Dean of Student Affairs and Admission officer.

During his speech, the Vice Chancellor Rev. Fr. Prof Anthony Akinwale welcomed the over 40 pioneer students and placed before them the task of being pioneers in the university. Being pioneers come with a lot of responsibilities and so they are to be docile to truth in their intellectual pursuit. In addition, they are to be good ambassadors of the university, bearing the touch of truth and creativity. The principal officers who joined the procession were also introduced by the Registrar, Rev. Fr. Kenneth Nkadi.

The anthem of the school was unveiled and was rendered by the amazing Dominican music band comprising of Gerald Isiguzo, Paulmary Nwaozuzu, Anthony Akpan, Philip Marfo and Richard Achi. In this anthem, the goals and dreams of the Dominican University is well spelt out. To touch the world with truth in intellectual freedom supported by a robust intellectual tradition.

Dominican University Anthem

Dominican University

Fulfilling our mission in and beyond Africa

To break many, young and old, afree

From ignorance and its masked replica.

Through diligent study, creativity

Excellence and integrity,

We shall seek, find and spread the truth

For in truth is our liberty



Do-mi-ni-can Uni-ver-sity

Pride of the Order of Preachers

The history of thy struggle is written by the victors

The truth of thy victory is told by the courageous

In God we find the truth!

In Veritate Libertas!


Dominican University

We shall rise and strive tooth and nail

Climb mountain peak, swim ocean deep,

Push back frontiers and blaze the trail

To this clarion call we respond

Tough or rough, we shall not despond

Till we bare truth and dim falsity

For in truth is our liberty


Words by: Jude Akpobasa OP with Refrain by Gerald Isiguzo OP.

Music by: Anthony Oluoha, OP and Gerald Isiguzo OP

Editors: Anthony Akpan, OP and Paul-Mary Nwaozuzu OP



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