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The fourth matriculation of the Dominican university, Ibadan, was held on Friday February 15, 2021 at the Tom and Carolyn Walker Hall. The event was graced with the attendants of principals and students of the university. The fourth matriculation ceremony was a blend of both physical and virtual attendance.  The students and the dignitaries of the university attended physically while observing the COVID-19 preventive protocols, while families and friends were given the opportunity to attend the ceremony virtually. The matriculation ceremony commenced with all matriculants in their academic gowns seated at the hall at 9:54am with the national anthem, followed by the university anthem, and then an opening prayer led by the head of department of philosophy and religious studies, Rev.Dr Cletus Nwabuzo,OP. The matriculation was then declared open by the Vice –Chancellor Rev.Fr.Prof.Anthony Akinwale,OP. In his opening speech he talked about the challenges facing the world due to the pandemic, he also said that the ability to turn challenges to opportunity to excel is the determination to prove wrong, he encouraged the matriculants to bring out the best in them with the right attitude to their studies. According to the Vice –Chancellor, the choice of Dominican university is a choice to execel and become great future leaders , preparing you intellectually, professionally and ethically to occupying the driver’s seat of success.

The matriculation lecture was delivered by Prof.Francis Ofor. He stated that our lack of commitment to positive values which is the main challenges that the university experience. He spoke that people should not see humans  as a means to an end, but an end itself. He also said that a wrong value system will result to wrong behavior and that the character of the world we see is the character of todays man.. He went ahead to mention that what we need is the proper enactment of positive human values to promote human dignity. Positive human values for the transformation of our society.

After the lecture ,the matriculating students took their oath and this was led by the registrar , Rev.Fr. Kenneth Nkadi,OP.  After which he announced to the matriculating students that they should sign the register to complete the rite of matriculation.

The matriculation ceremony came to an end with a closing prayer led by Rev. Fr. Nicholas Okeke, OP. The Vice-Chancellor Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Akinwale, OP. then declared the ceremony closed at 11:20am.

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