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We currently 6 departments across 2 faculties/colleges.



Established by the Province of St. Joseph in February 2002 in honour of the late M.J. Dempsey, O.P., who was a founding Father and superior of the Dominican Vicariate of Nigeria and later Bishop of Sokoto. As the research support unit of the Dominican Institute, it organizes monthly intellectual public lectures and conferences. Under the heading “Dominican Publications”, it has published proceedings of the conferences as well as other research products of the Dominican Institute.

This Centre is devoted particularly to the sociology of religion, interreligious dialogue and conflict resolution.

This centre shall serve as the research and commercial counterpart of the Department of Communications. It offers audio and video productions, made in our professionally equipped studio, and graphic designs such as posters, banners, magazines, labels.

This centre is the research and commercial counterpart of the Department of Computer and Information Technology. It provides Internet service throughout Nigeria, offers web design and hosting, software development, and technical innovation in the form of locally made hardware.

This centre shall work in collaboration with Verbum Networks, a reputable Internet service provider of the existing Dominican Institute.



The objectives of ICT development in the University are as follows:

· Provide computer and Internet facilities for information and research for the entire university community and especially to provide the industrial training of students taking computer science and information technology.

· Promote computer appreciation within the university by assisting individual users and user departments in identifying scientific, technical, research and management problems solvable by the application of computer techniques.

· To aid all activities of the proposed University through e-learning, e-administration, e-payment, e-commerce, and e-health.

· Design, develop, implement and maintain appropriate software systems to support data processing and computer applications.

· Conduct research in the technical and engineering sectors of information technology, aimed at contributing to the growth of the IT industry.

· Operate computer labs, equipped with all software, for the use of staff and students.

· Conduct workshops and short courses for companies or members of the public who require Information Technology skills.

· To develop and maintain e-learning portals for staff, student and administrative use.

· To maintain the University Website and update same on regular basis.

· To run an effective intranet e-mail service for the University community.

· To provide multi-media systems for teaching, seminars and conferences.