We appreciate your interest in the Department of Chemistry at Dominican University, Samonda, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, and we extend our best wishes. The department helps the university fulfil its objective by providing undergraduate students (for the time being) with the necessary skills for the industrial development of contemporary society and for overall student well-being. Additionally, the department is tasked with providing support to all of the University's faculties and departments that focus on science. The goal of the department is to develop a new generation of leaders who will use their understanding of chemistry to revolutionize industrial development in the country, Africa, and the rest of the world.

Our department's mission is to demonstrate the importance of chemistry in scientific discovery and to provide analytical responses to current industrial demands, which will help Nigeria and Africa progress socio-economically. The philosophy is focused on developing strategic human resources in order to positively influence our students' understanding of modern chemistry, inspire them to pursue self-employment, and create a varied, productive, and sustainable economy.

The Dominican University program is created to give students solid Chemistry knowledge and abilities that will enable them to understand and appreciate chemical technology, impart appropriate skills and abilities to handle chemical processes in chemical and allied industries and in the environment, prepare students for jobs in the growing chemical and allied manufacturing industries in the country, and produce graduates who are self-sufficient for themselves.

The department runs cutting-edge instrumentation equipment, such as an ultraviolet spectrophotometer, a flame ionization detector, and Atomic Absorption spectrometer, to support our research and teaching purposes. These tools and our composed faculty members set us apart in our ability to mould brains into top-notch, self-developed solutions to scientific challenges. The following research areas are the department's primary focus:

  • Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
  • Industry Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic/Biological Chemistry
  • Chemical Physics/ Physical Chemistry
  • Petroleum chemistry