Director of Centre for Creativity and Entrepreneurial Studies

Rev. Fr Felix-Kingsley Obialo has been the pioneer Director of the Centre for Creativity and Entrepreneurial Studies (CCES) of the Dominican University since February 2020. His task has been to nurture creativity and innovation skills to drive entrepreneurial development through the activities of the Centre among students of the university and others who come to the Centre for one training/benefit or the other or during the Centre’s outreach programmes. He is a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan, trained as a Creativity Practitioner and the first Nigerian to graduate at the highest level from the International Center for the Study of Creativity (ICSC), State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo State College, where Brainstorming was invented. In addition, he has a PhD in educational evaluation from the Institute of Education, University of Ibadan. His practice has seen him mentor and facilitate cultures of creativity and innovation in the corporate world, among SMEs and Non-Profit Organisations in and outside of Nigeria.

He led the Rotary International Foundation-funded Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention-Nigeria (PLDP), using creative problem-solving skills as an essential ingredient in preventing and coping with depression. He is currently designing curricula for creative leadership for business and organisational stakeholders. He is a fellow of the Global Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (GAEIN) and a member of the International Society for the Study of Creativity and Innovation (ISSCI).

About Centre for Creativity and Entrepreneurial Studies

This is welcoming you to the Centre for Creativity and Entrepreneurial Studies portal, Dominican University, Ibadan, Nigeria. The Centre was established during the 2020/2021 session in response to the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) mandate that every university in Nigeria should have an enterprise development Centre that will facilitate entrepreneurial development/intentions among university students. This policy shift is to instill in the undergraduates the skills for opportunity finding that will assist graduates of our universities in becoming value creators through wealth and job creation and contribution to the country’s economy. Further, since people cannot become successful entrepreneurs without creative and innovative skills, the Centre’s establishment was informed by the need to foster deliberate creative and innovative skills in both university staff and students for both entrepreneurial pursuit and every life fulfillment. Consequently, the Centre coordinates all entrepreneurial studies in the university and deliberate creative and innovative studies and practices as essential life skills.


Creativity for innovation and entrepreneurial growth


To develop intellectual framework to foster innovation and economic growth through individual and corporate entrepreneurial initiatives


To be the destination for creativity and innovation that would drive national and regional economic growth and development through the promotion of local entrepreneurship


God First: All our actions are patterned after the creative activities of “God, the ultimate creator who charged humanity to be creative and towards whom all human creative actions tend”.

Humility: Through humility be believe we share learn from within and without to better ourselves individually, as groups, a nation and region.

Deferring Judgment: This for us is the most important first step in the process of creative, innovative and entrepreneurial expressions.

Unusual Ideas: Through the promotion of uncommon ideas we arrive at ground breaking innovative ideas and products

Respect for Nature: We strive to preserve nature to the best of our abilities by our words and deliberate actions and exploit same for innovative and entrepreneurial behaviours.

Humour: Through humour, play and fun we energize our ideation process for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial development

Inclusiveness: All of humanity is a medium for the expression of God’s creative, innovative and entrepreneurial gifts to the world.

Corporate Responsibility: We are an integral part of the university and the world playing our part to make our contexts innovative and entrepreneurial

Creative Leadership: We are providing an alternative form of leadership that will change the faces of our environments.

Wealth Creation: Through creative, innovative and entrepreneurial pursuit, value is added to individual, corporate and regional quests for wealth and improved living

Professionalism: To apply professionalism in our interface with our environment, one another, partners and other stakeholders


Programs/Courses facilitated by the Centre for Creativity and Entrepreneurial Studies


GST 323 Introduction to Entrepreneurial studies
GST 312 Entrepreneurship
Skills Acquisition Barbing; Tie and Dye; Tailoring; Soap Making; Photography; Paint Making
GST 212 Introduction to Creativity and Innovation for Entrepreneurial Success
GST 312 Management of Creativity and Innovation

Contact Us

Contact Director

Rev. Fr. Dr. Felix-Kingsley Obialo

Telephone:  08034022174


Administrative Officer/ Secretary

 Mr. Samuel Musa

Telephone: 09076654431

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