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Admission Application : New
Please READ the following Instructions carefully »
All interested candidates are expected to have a personal e-mail address which must not be shared with others for the purpose of this application. This email would be used for correspondence during and after the application process.

You are also required to have one telephone line to which text messages (SMS) could be sent.

All applicants are expected to be able to browse and check their e-mails from time to time.

Please, peruse our available Degrees & Programmes to verify that the programme for which you are seeking admission is available and that you have the basic qualifications required for admission into the programme.

If you have questions about qualifications and programmes, please call the Admission Officer on the numbers provided above.

If you have found a programme that you wish to apply for and you have the required basic qualifications, proceed below by filling the form:
Provide a valid email address, as this would be used for all correspondence during application process.
Type the Code displayed: