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Displaying Activities for 2018
January 2018 February 2018 March 2018 April 2018
23 Jan: Formal Inauguration of DU
9 Feb: Last day of Lecture for DU Philosophy Students
15 Feb: Matriculation of New Students
19 Feb: DU Philosophy Students Begin Examinations
2 Mar: DU Philosophy Students End Examinations
9 Mar: DU Students [other courses] End Lectures
15 Mar: DU Students [other courses] Begin [First Semester] Examinations
29 Mar: DU Students [other courses] End Examinations
30 Mar - 8 Apr: Easter Break
9 Apr: DU Students [other courses] Resume Second Semester Lectures
20 Apr: Students’ General Meeting [Time: 3-5 pm]
May 2018 June 2018 July 2018 August 2018
1 May: St. Joseph the Worker [LECTURE/WORK FREE DAY]
10 May: Ascension [LECTURE/WORK FREE DAY]
11 May: Submission of Draft Questions for 2nd Semester Examinations
23 May: Public Lecture: Change and Continuity in the Papacy
22 Jun: DU Philosophy Students End Second Semester Lectures
25 Jun: End-of-Session Faculty and Staff Meeting with Students (To Assess the Academic Year and Plan for the Next Session) [Time: 10:00 am]
2 Jul: DU Philosophy Students Begin 2nd Semester Examinations
6 Jul: DU Students [other courses] End 2nd Semester Lectures
14 Jul: DU Philosophy Students End 2nd Semester Examinations
15 Jul: DU Philosophy Students Long Vacation Begins
16 Jul: DU Students [other courses] Begin 2nd Semester Examinations
28 Jul: DU Students [other courses] End 2nd Semester Examinations
29 Jul - 2 Oct: DU Students [other courses] Long Vacation
September 2018 October 2018 November 2018 December 2018
1 Oct: Nigeria Independence Day
2 Oct: DU Reopens With Inaugural Mass - Orientation Activities Follow Immediately.
3 Oct: Orientation For New Students And Course Registration For Returning Students
14 Dec: End of Pre-Christmas Lectures
14 Dec: Christmas Break Begins
16 Dec: Departure of all Students from DU hostel